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Guest Bedroom Office Ideas

When you have an extra room in your home, you have to decide what its purpose will be. In some cases it will be temporary, or occasional, such as in a guest bedroom which is only needed when visitors stay for a while. A home office is also often a secondary workstation, and as such is only an ancillary necessity at any given time. By marrying these two functions you can achieve maximum efficiency in your extra space, without leaving it fallow and unused for large periods of time.

Full Merlot Captain Bed

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Captain Beds

The best strategy for creating a guest bedroom office will be to choose furniture pieces that can support both functions. A guest room will require a bed at the very minimum, which is generally not necessary in an office. However by choosing a daybed with a side railing design, you can choose to set the bed up as a lounge, or couch when not needed as a sleeping surface.

Another example of this double duty decorative policy would involve choosing beds which can also act as organizational storage units. The daybeds mentioned earlier often have book case back boards which can be used to display and store small decorative items. You also have the option of choosing a captains bed, which is a furniture piece designed with multiple drawers and cubby holes that are built directly into the frame, saving space while also giving you plenty of room for all of your work and craft tools.

kids bedroom furniture

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed

Some guest bedroom furniture pieces will have a desk built directly into the design of the piece. Often this will consist of loft beds, that have a desk either embedded underneath, or matched with room below for placement. That can be a particularly important idea in a guest bedroom office where there isn’t a lot of floor room for all of the furnishings that might be needed to function.

One way to make a guest room feel more comfortable and inviting is to ensure that all of the furniture pieces used throughout it are matched to one another, creating a single concerted look throughout the environment. The use of natural materials such as solid woods, lacquered in a variety of complimentary colors, can also create a sense of familiarity which can be soothing to people in new locations for the first time.

Area Rugs

Quest QT6 Cider Rug QT6CI

Area rugs are another great bedroom office idea, as they serve both aesthetic and functional uses in these spaces. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses, they can be employed to create visual interest in otherwise drab and mundane spaces. That can be great for inspiring guests, or those who may be hard at work at overnight projects. At the same time the soft plush of the rug will dampen the sound of footfalls, and rolling office chairs, protecting the comfort of those who may be on floors below.

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