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Girl Dorm Room Ideas

When a young woman is ready to move from her family home and head off to college for the first time, she can often feel uncertain, confused, and even a little afraid of her new surroundings. However there are a variety of girl dorm room decorating ideas which can be employed to create a space which is both comfortable, and conducive to scholastic achievement. These are especially useful in spaces which may be small, cramped, and made even more so by being forced to share them with a roommate.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Honey Mission Bunk Beds- 2111

In dorms occupied by two or more girls the decision will have to be made whether to keep a single bunk bed, or to destack the sleeping areas, creating two ground level pieces. A bunk or loft bed design has a variety of advantages, not the least of which is the amount of floor space that can be saved by building upwards. They can also provide each girl with a different vertical landscape, which can translate to some extent into a private area for each of them to enjoy. However some young women going off to college will prefer a more traditional ground based sleeping place.

One great dorm room idea for making a girl feel comfortable is to bring some of the colors, patterns, and the overall palette of her childhood home into her new college living area. This doesn’t have to be drastic, but instead can be a subtle hint of touches and hues, found in a comforter, an area rug, or some particularly styled furnishings. Having some accessories from home, and even from their own bedroom can also help to instill a feel of familiarity.

Black Metal Loft BedsIf your daughter is trepidatious about college, you can help her get over those fears with a dorm room shopping spree. That will allow her to exercise creativity, style, and judgement, while also getting to know her own sense of decorative design. In this way you can turn the often scary process of growing up, into a fun day of shopping, talking, and discussing the future, which can also act as a bonding experience for the both of you.

One factor that should always be considered when coming up with girl dorm room ideas is the potential roommate. If this is a new person, then you can’t get too excited making decorative and organizational choices, as they may have ideas of their own. Rather it would be best to purchase just the essentials, and then wait on other pieces until the two girls can get together to discuss their preferences. One way to do this would be to purchase gift cards at appropriate retail outlets so that the young women are able to get what they want and need once they have talked the space out.

Green Area Rugs

Infinity IF 3 Lime Rug – IF3LI

Whenever putting together a dorm room you have to balance functionality against style. Dimensional decorative pieces such as large lamps, floor plants, extraneous furniture pieces, and decorative statues generally won’t have a place in tiny shared college apartments. However things such as posters, art pieces, and floor rugs can all make the environment shine without taking up extra floor room. You can also purchase beds, bunk beds, and furniture pieces which have storage features cleverly built directly into their frames for extra organizational benefits.

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