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Kids Decorating in 2021

Kids Themed Bedrooms

2021 is a year of renewal, and that extends to the decorating world too, even for kids. The disruptions of last year have changed life, and while normalcy will hopefully return soon, some things will never go back to the way they are. At the same time this is a  great opportunity to celebrate the new year and a new hope for you and your children.

One thing that isn’t changing is the importance of computers, devices, and cyber communication. En masse, kids have been forced to interact with friends, family, and school through screens, and that isn’t going to go away because they’re allowed to see one another in-person again.

Kids Reading Nook

That means that having a desk, or a place set up where they can comfortably talk to people is going to be important. It will be best to find them a comfy chair and table that is sized to them. This is true even if they aren’t allowed to keep a computer or any devices in their room. They will still want to hop on the webcam so making a nice and decorative space for them will be important.

If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us it is the importance of hope and optimism. Because of that, bright colors are going to be a feature of kids rooms in 2021. Pastels, oranges, yellows, and bright greens will all help to create a sense of joy and excitement that will naturally infuse the space. While these hues may be a little overwhelming for the walls, they can be incorporated into chests, tables, beds and bedding.

We’ve also learned the importance of comfort, and so textures are going to tend to be softer this year. Pillows should be soft and fluffy and not only feel comfy, but look it as well. Throw blankets are going to be a great accessory that can be draped over a couch or chair, and coordinated to help add some of those bright colors to the space.

One of the major themes of the coming year will be fun. Not just going out and having fun, but taking everything we learned in isolation about having fun on our own. One of the best ways to add that sense to a kids room is with wacky art, home décor items shaped like funny characters, or novelties like glow in the dark stars and rope lights.

A new year is always a time to celebrate change, not the negative change of the past, but the ability to look ahead to a new future. Redecorating can be an important way to make a statement in your living space about that, and you can include your kids with these fun 2021 decorating trends.

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