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Bunk Beds With Mattress Included

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If you’re trying to save space, especially in a shared kids bedroom, then a bunk bed is an essential edition to your home. But it can sometimes be difficult getting a mattress that fits the bed space perfectly. They are sold in standard sizes, but because they nestle into the base rather than lying on top, even a small difference can leave a gap, or make it a tight squeeze. That’s why it is often a good idea to buy a bunk bed that has a mattress included already.

Bunk beds are available in standard sizes ranging from twin to queen, and can also have two different surfaces, such as in a twin over full bunk. While standard mattresses of each size can be used, not only will the length and width have to be precise, but you’ll have to make sure that it is not so thick that it sticks precariously over the edge, causing a falling hazard.

Bunk Beds

The color variations available when buying bedroom furniture are nearly limitless. You can get a lovely stained or painted wood, a metal bunk bed, or something laced with patterns. However, mattresses are generally kept beneath sheets so their hue isn’t as important, although it can be fun to get a funky colored mattress or mattress cover for a kids room

Some bunk beds give you the option to destack them, and use them as two ground floor beds. This can be a good way to change things decoratively from time to time, or if you move into a bigger space and have more room to stretch out. Other bunk beds have built in storage features, or a third trundle surface that comes out from the bottom.

bunk bed with mattress

Many universities, dorms, and colleges purchase wholesale bunk beds. For them expediency is important, and so buying one that already has a fitted mattress is generally ideal. Stacking is a good option for these furnishings because some people may have a problem with heights or a disability that makes them dangerous.

The easiest way to buy a bunk bed is to find one that already has a perfectly fitted mattress. It will save you time and hassle, and ensure that the entire piece fits together perfectly.

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