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Pet Decor for Kids


Kids love pets. They’re cute and adorable and lovable and endlessly fascinating. One way to celebrate that is to infuse pet themed decor into their rooms. What better way to celebrate their love of their cute and often cuddly companions. And while you do it, you might even be able to sneak in a little learning.

The most common form of kids pet décor will come in the form of bedding. There are a million options for sheets, pillowcases, and blankets that feature dogs, cats, or any other kind of pet imaginable. There is a wide enough selection that you can even choose a print that matches their particular pet or favorite breed.

dog and cat decor

Pet home furnishings are another great option for this decorative style. You can find lamps and bookcases that are crafted to look like nearly anything, and murals or decals can be added to things like chests and dressers to spruce up their pet appeal. You can even get little acrylic animal figures and create scenes on top of bookcases or on shelves to infuse the room even more.

Another natural for a pet themed decor is stuffed animals. There are an infinite variety of these allowing you to choose the perfect look. They can then of course be used as toys, but also posed and playable decorative pieces throughout the room. This will give you endless hours of bonding fun with your kids as you create tiny scenes that will make the room constantly animated.

While dogs and cats will be the most commonly themed decor pieces you can find, there are also plenty of options for less common pets. Birds are a great example, as a whole aviary can be created by stringing little models to the ceiling. Bedding and decorative furniture pieces can also be found featuring gerbils, hamsters, fish, and even reptiles.

kids home decor

In some cases the pet may actually live or sleep in the child’s room. For dogs and cats you can choose a color and pattern themed comfy bed. Fish tanks don’t have to always look the same and are a cool place for temporary decals. Food bowls and watering dishes can also be matched to create a complete overall decorative scheme.

If the child is particularly close to the pet, you can consider getting a little dog or cat bed for them. These can be found in many colors to match the rest of the room. Fish tanks and bird cages can also be found in all sorts of fun and funky patterns and styles. This really makes the pet themselves a feature of the room’s décor.

The trick to pet themed kids decor is that you can also include a learning element. Animals are an excellent entry into biology for kids, and can get them interested in animals and even geography and culture around the world. This can be done by ensuring that their bookcase is stocked with plenty of books on their favorite pet, or including some more scientific posters and pieces throughout. In this way you can keep your kids inspired in a way that will make them want to learn more. 

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