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Discover Storage Options for Kids Rooms:

Kids Room Storage

It’s amazing what’s in a kid’s room and playroom, among the toys, books, clothes, and school supplies. Fortunately, it is possible to control all of those things without breaking a sweat. Check out these ultimate Storage Options for Kids Rooms, which are often difficult to organize.

Storage Options for Kids Rooms

Organize Every Toy Well

A constant source of room clutter is hard-to-contain toys in the nursery. The trick to keeping them organized? Teach little ones to use storage and help with clean-up.

– Make sure the shelves are high enough to accommodate your child’s largest toys and that they are the right size for your little one so you can easily pick up the things he has put away.

– Create a space for everything, whether it is baskets, organizers, shelves, trunks, boxes, etc.

– Labeling shelves and baskets for easy identification by your child. If your child can’t read yet, use picture tags.

– It is important to remove old or broken toys regularly. It is especially important to do it before occasions when new toys will be added to the mix (birthdays, parties, Christmas, etc.).

– If you decide to buy a toy box or basket, make sure there is some internal organization. Use plastic containers or even something as simple as a top zippered bag to keep smaller pieces from falling to the bottom or getting lost.

Storage Drawers

Make Maximum Use of Cabinets

This is easier to do with a child’s wardrobe, as the clothing is smaller and allows for more storage space.

– Install a second rod into the cabinet a couple of feet below the top rail. Small children’s clothing sizes mean they can fit that extra row, too.

– A hanging organizer is a great way to maximize vertical storage while allowing you to keep your floor space.

– Think about what is used the most: Seasonal products or things that your children don’t use often should go on top of the closet, while everyday items should be placed nice and low so that the children can reach them.

Shelves, the Best Storage

– Use a plastic storage container or art box for pencils, pens, and other items. Anything that makes children comfortable throwing objects. This makes it easy for them to move around in case they want to do a project on the kitchen table or elsewhere.

– Buy a regular-size desk and let your child grow up with it. Make sure to get an adjustable chair that will help make up the difference until the desk is in its perfect fit.

– Use the vertical shelf to keep items that are not used often (or require parental supervision) out of the child’s reach.

– Don’t forget to use the space at the top of the shelf. It is ideal for storing larger toys or those special size books that do not fit on the shelf.

Captains Beds Storage

The Vertical Space

Make and use vertical spaces in the children’s room for maximum efficiency:

– The vertical space is great for getting things like stuffed animals on top. Just remember that you still have to keep them within reach of little hands, otherwise, they won’t be playing with them at all.

– Do not forget the space under the bed or the furniture in the room. Either a drawer or slide-under bin is ideal for storing individually packaged toys, offering significant additional space. There are several different types of beds available on the KFS Stores for kids with lots of storage space. 

– Using a built board game for storage is another sneaky way (a pun entirely intended) to keep items close at hand, but hidden.

That’s it for this guide on Storage Options for Kids Room. This way, you can easily create a space in the room where your children feel comfortable doing crafts or homework.

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