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Senior 2021 Gifts: The Furniture Option

graduate gift

When a child graduates from high school or college they enter into a phase of transition. They move into a world that is more adult, with responsibilities that include caring for themselves and often populating a dorm or apartment. At times like that, often a gift that helps them turn a room into a home is welcome. That makes furniture graduation gifts an interesting option for helping them to set up their future.

The main thing that graduates will be thinking about if they have a new apartment or dorm to fill, is where they’re going to sleep. If it is a dorm the college will often provide the bunk beds, although those can be uncomfortable and spartan options. If they move out to their own place then they’ll need something of their own. In these cases, a bunk bed might be a good option.
graduation gifts
Bunk beds save space, and first apartments are often small. They may have a roommate. They may only have a studio loft. Even if they are alone, a bunk can give them the room to include a desk or sofa or storage items like a dresser underneath it. They are versatile furnishings that can be purposed in a variety of ways..

One of the important things with furniture graduate gifts is that you should communicate with the kid. They are starting their life and if you try to impose something about their home on them they may resent it. Rather, use this as a parlay into conversation about their plans and dreams. Make it a positive experience that can help to cement your bond as they move forward.
Loft Beds
Another aspect to this gift giving process will be understanding a new space they may be living in. Maybe their room, dorm, or apartment is small. That means you need to buy compact furniture for them. Their style may be all over the place, but at its core will be their soul. That means you have to choose gifts that flow conductively with what they choose themselves.

At the end of the day you want to make the graduate happy with your gift so just talk to them. Understand their situation. Be empathetic. And be willing to evolve over time. They are starting out on a new life and a new world and it is your job to support that rather than subverting it to any of your own needs and desires. 

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