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Secret Kids Furniture Decorating Tips

kids decorating secrets

Are you eager to know about Secret Kids Furniture Decorating Tips? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to give you some unique decorating tips and ideas.

Bunk beds are a great space-saving solution for shared bedrooms. They are ideal for children, as their room can be transformed into a fun, safe space with more space. Below we show you how to use them creatively.

Fun Designs

Today you can find an immense variety of dream designs for kids, such as bunk beds in the form of cottages, tents, and slides. Although these models take up more space, the techniques help to encourage play and further spark their imagination. You can check out the entire, exclusive collection of bunk beds at KFS Stores.

cottage bunk beds

Space Available for a Study Area

You can also occupy the free area by creating a study space, where both desks are placed against the wall and in front of the child’s bed. It is a good alternative for narrow spaces.

Bunk Beds with Storage Included

If you need space to store toys or clothing, you can find bunk beds with drawers at the bottom of the bed, drawers that are also steps to the second level of the bed, and train-type bunk beds with much more space to store.

Stairs to the upper part

An essential component of the bunk bed is the ladder or stairs. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the appropriate design according to your age. Ensure that each step is well reinforced and that your little ones test the product to observe how they go up and down.

Safety first:

In a bunk bed, some safety aspects also need to be taken into account. For example, the planks under the bed, especially under the loft bed. It is also essential to consider the distance between the two beds must be high enough to avoid blows to the head. The bunk should include a railing with a design where no part of your body docks with it.


Bedroom Decoration

When the bedroom is shared, it is necessary to balance the tastes of each child. In this way, both will feel comfortable in their space. Find related colors and themes, where both can feel identified.

Bus Shaped Bunk

This bunk bed design stands out in a room. For this reason, the colors of this enormous piece of furniture, such as green and orange, are adapted to the rest of the room. Light blue is added to bring harmony and a relaxing effect to the bedroom. Flowers and rugs in a round vase soften the bedroom décor, a great idea for creating a feminine finish.

Add Elegance to the Bedroom

Lastly, a modular furniture set allows extra storage space and decorates and helps the room look more organized. For example, the pink and lilac pattern can be expanded with similar paint colors on the walls.

Add custom curtains, bed skirts, and slipcovers to add an elegant effect to the bedroom.

Free Space for Play

While you design your kids’ bed, free space can be left to create a beautiful play area where kids can play and share incredible moments. In such a cute design, the bunk can be built to the side of the room and against the wall, leaving ample space to include a tent, a floor plant, or some boxes with toys.

To keep the bedroom organized in the play area, a shelf with drawers is added. A center table with tiny chairs is the perfect complement for drawing, painting, or crafting.

decorative kids rooms

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