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Cute Ideas For Girls Rooms

When decorating a girls’ room you always want to get their feedback as much as possible. If it’s a very small child then they probably won’t care much, but this can still be a bonding experience if you let them be part of the process. Older girls will often be trying to express their independence, and so will appreciate having a hand in the decorative choices that will surround them. The following are some cute ideas for girls’ rooms that you can use as a jumping off point for inspiration.

Merlot bunk bed with stairs

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Staircase Bunk Beds 2814

If space is a concern in the room, then you may want to purchase pieces that have drawers built directly into them, like captains beds. You can also use shelf storage as another decorative element in a girls bedroom. Because shelves are visible to the entire space, they can be used to display as much as store and organize, giving you numerous options for getting creative.

The princess style is a classic look that has been a hallmark of girls bedrooms’ for generations. It often involves pink and or purple as the primary colors, with white as a backdrop to that palette. In some cases the bed itself can be made to look like a palace, or a dollhouse, where a toy princess would spend her days. The use of tiny toy knights and dragons can add a little fun to the scene, while fancy lamps and curtains will reinforce the lush feel of the effect.

Self adhesive custom vinyl motifs are another cute idea for a girls room. These are images that are custom printed onto clear, adhesive backed vinyl, to instantly create pictures and patterns on any surface in the room. This allows you to have flowers, or birds, or snaking branches lace up walls, and adorn the side of bedroom furnishings.

White Staircase bunk Bed

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin White Staircase Bunk Beds 0214

Shabby chic is a decorative trend that is popular for girls in their teens and tweens, as it represents a good transition from childhood to adult. This style features heavy use of white elements and accessories to create an elegant and refined look throughout the space. Often white bedroom furniture pieces will be employed, with the only contrasting elements being decorative accessories scattered throughout the environment.

Whenever purchasing beds and furniture for a girl you should look to pieces that have longevity. You want furniture that is both durable, and timeless in design, so that they will be able to grow with the child over the years. Doing things like purchasing bunk beds that can later be de-stacked when extra rooms are available, may help to save you the cost of buying replacement furniture down the line.

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