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How Safe Are Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds are a great way to save space, creating double the sleeping area without taking up any extra room. This is especially useful when you have two or more children sharing a bedroom. But how safe are bunk beds really? Well the answer to that depends on who the manufacturer of the product is. In this case quality and reputation are vital to getting the answers you need.

All of the bunk beds sold here on KFS Stores are manufactured by Discovery World Furniture, a well known, reputable supplier of bedroom furniture products, who has been in business for over three decade. The products that they manufacture are built using real, solid wood or wood composite materials, that are joined with metal connectors to create a firm and resistant frame. That ensures that the bunk beds are strong, and will not wobble, or fall, even after years of use.

Espresso Bunk bed with stairs

Espresso twin over full bunk bed with stairs

If you are looking to take safety a little bit further, then you should choose bunk beds with stairs. While a ladder bunk bed that is built by a reputable company that makes reliable products is perfectly fine, a ladder gives you just a little bit more comfort, as it can make it easier to ascend and descend from the top bunk.

The ASTM is an independent organization that rates different products and materials for safety and durability, making them a good resource for determining which furniture manufacturers produce the highest quality pieces. Because of the importance of this, all of our bunk beds are built to not only meet, but exceed the ASTM’s requirements for bunk safety. This ensures that you can trust the beds that you purchase from our store.

Bunk beds can be perfectly safe for children and adults to use in a variety of bedrooms, guest rooms, playrooms, and dorms. You just want to make sure that you find a reputable manufacturer like Discovery World Furniture, being sold by a quality, trusted retail outlet like KFS Stores. Then follow all manufacturer instructions and warnings, and your bunk bed should be safe to use for years to come.

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