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Creating Cozy Sleeping Spaces for Kids

comfy kids chairs

Getting their own comfy, cozy space is an important milestone for any child. It is a space to call their own where they can feel relaxed and comfortable. This space will help them develop and grow as they transition to teenagers and eventually adults.

Clean up the clutter

An important part of creating cozy sleeping spaces for kids is to clean up the clutter. Add in some draws or a loft bed with half a dozen draws built in to aid in the process of decluttering.

With a clean and organized room, you now have a blank canvas to create the ultimate cozy room for your child to dream in peace.

cozy beds

A cozy bed

A cozy place to sleep has to include a cozy bed for your kids. Adding a bed that makes your child feel like they are in a fairy-tale castle or racing down the track on their very own race care will help their imagination run wild and provide a safe, fun and cozy sleeping space to dream.

Reading Nooks

There are many ways to go about creating cozy sleeping spaces for kids. One of the best ways to do that is to create a peaceful and snuggly reading nook. This will not only help them find a calming peace while in their room, but it will also encourage them to read, naturally aiding in their brain development.

A reading nook can be done in many ways. A piece of fabric draped from the ceiling in the corner creating a tent is the perfect base for a cozy setting. Add a comfy kids armchair surrounded by pillows and a warm cozy blanket and the space will be complete.

Become an indoor camper

Creating cozy sleeping spaces for kids can also be achieved by making a ‘camping’ area in your kid’s room. The Children’s Tent Loft Bed With Slide is the perfect way to add a tent without compromising your kid’s play space. This loft tent comes in a variety of colors and comes with a fun slide for your child to safely get down from bed in the mornings.

Fill their under-bed tent with pillows, blankets and stuffed toys to create a space that your child will never want to leave.

tent bunk bed

Use calming colors to make any room feel cozy

Colors play a big part in ensuring your kid’s room has a soft cozy feel. Sage green walls with a cream bedspread and pillows is sure to transport your child to a natural rainforest where they can relax in nature all day. Baby blue walls with fluffy white pillows and blankets will let them feel like they are flying high in the sky! Use colors to your advantage and customize the space to reflect your child in a fun cozy way.

Finishing touches

You’ve now got your room set up with comfy colors, cozy furniture, and a special nook for their imagination to run wild. All that’s left is the finishing touches. Add in a dozen comfy pillows and a fluffy blanket to give the room a sense of warmth and comfort. Next, add in their favorite toys. A big stuffed teddy they can cuddle with when they are down, a small monkey to read to, a family of cats to have a tea party with. Let your imagination run wild with your children’s favorite things. These items are small additions to the room but are the difference between your kids having a ‘nice’ room and your kids having a cozy sleeping space that encourages the imagination to run wild.

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