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Kids Room Organization Chests – Charcoal



Kids Room Organization Chests – Charcoal

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This charcoal kids room organization chest is an incredibly useful piece for organization and storage in a child’s bedroom or playroom area. It features 5 extra large drawers to fit any toys, games, or supplies they need, as well as a striking charcoal finish that is bold in hue and yet reserved in stature, making it an excellent compliment to a variety of interior spaces.

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Clutter is the great enemy of many childrens’ bedrooms. Toys, games, clothes, art supplies and school work just seem to naturally accumulate over time as they forget and walk obliviously in and out of the ever deteriorating space. One of the best ways to offset that is to make organizing and keeping the area clean as easy as possible. These kids’ room organization chests do just that.

The extra large drawers in this organization chest are larger than furniture industry standards at 15” x 18” x 5” in size. This is great because it allows you to create broad categories for their possessions. Maybe all of their art supplies go in one drawer, toys in another, and school items in a third. By making the categories as broad as possible you are allowing them to brely have to think about keeping the clutter in its place.

At the same time, the size of the drawers in this chest have enough volume that you could fit smaller organizational bins into it, if you have a child that is a little more detail oriented. That allows you to get really granular with the process, separating markers from crayons, action figures from cars, and homework from school books. This is a decision that should be led by the child.

The color of this organization chest for kids spaces is a very bold and powerful charcoal grey. This makes the piece stand out on its own, and yet at the same time gives it the power to blend easily into palettes dominated by a variety of other colors, from whites and blacks, to browns and certain reds. That makes this a very versatile piece of furniture. 

1 review for Kids Room Organization Chests – Charcoal

  1. paul (verified owner)

    5 stars for this chest it is a perfect color.

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