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Kids Bed Frame Safety Concerns

Bunk Bed Frames

When you choose a bed for your kids you want to make sure that you get the best possible product. You want something that looks nice, and matches the style of the room and if possible, even the rest of the house. You also want kids bed frames to be durable, strong, and safe, so that they can keep your little ones nestled in comfort while they rest.

In general, a single bed won’t have many concerns about a bed frame. You’ll want to make sure that you buy from a trusted source, but breakage won’t generally cause major injuries. However, with bunk bed frames, you have a child being suspended in the air by the design of the furnishing. That means that you want a furniture piece that is certifiably strong and able to easily maintain their weight over years of use.

Kids Bed Frame

Quality kids furniture with sturdy frames will also last much longer, even when being used by rowdy and rambunctious children. That’s important because furniture is expensive! You don’t want to have to replace it every few years because you bought something that was poorly manufactured. With a high quality kids bed frame you will have a piece that can not only last through their childhood, but can even become a generational piece that is passed on.

So how do you find out which stores have the safest kids bed frames and furniture? There are a number of indicators that you can use. The most explicit will be the policies of the store you are looking to buy from, and the variety of information that they have available. If you are shopping online, you want a store that has lots of high quality pictures, as well as a generous return policy that will allow for exchanges or refunds depending on various circumstances.

kids bed frame safety

There are also outside indicators that can help you to determine the quality of a particular bed or furnishing. The best of these is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This is an independent organization that tests the quality, durability, and endurance of various materials and components used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings. If a manufacturer has passed their standards then they are building products that are in line with the safety standards of this organization.

We here at KFSStores know a lot about kids furniture safety and bunk bed frame safety, because that’s what we do. All of our products are built to not only pass, but surpass the standards of the ASTM. We also offer a full return policy for any damaged items, as well as exchanges, and we are proud to host reviews of our products from customers across the website. We’ve been featured on local media, and we’ve been a staple of our community and the global internet community for years. If you’re looking for safe and dependable kids furniture and bed products then you’ve come to the right place.

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