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Best Toys for Boys Bedrooms

When you’re buying toys for your kids generally you just want to pick things that seem fun, and that you think they’ll enjoy. However, when choosing toys for a boy’s bedroom, you have to look beyond that and think about how they will affect the entire environment they are being placed into. These are not just play things, they’re pieces of décor that can be used to assemble a space that is perfect for your kids.

Furniture is going to be a basic necessity in any boy’s bedroom. The very name of the space requires that a bed be present. However, this item can be more than a bed, and if you shop around you can find pieces that are actually just giant toys that can be slept in. This includes things like race car beds, tent bunk beds, and doll house loft beds.

kids room toys

Even if you just have regular furniture in the space, that can be decorated to give it a sense of whimsy and imagination. Any bed can be converted into a spaceship, a jungle jeep, a tank, or even a massive elephant if you use enough construction paper, cardboard, and creativity. Shelves can be lined in leaves to create a forest theme, or dressers can be covered in fish decals to create an underwater feel.

Larger toys for boys bedrooms should be considered focal pieces for the space. Oversized stuffed animals, castles, play houses, and instruments can all become the centerpiece of a theme, or a decorative style, which you can then reinforce and spread throughout the entire room. These can then be reinforced with smaller toys that can be placed in dramatic scenes, hung from the ceiling so they can fly, or stuck to the walls using silly putty.

Tent Loft Beds

Educational toys in boy’s bedrooms are a great way to reinforce values of learning and scholarship in them. A chemistry set can get its own table and corner of the room, with a curtain draped down to make it a private laboratory. A keyboard or drum set can be placed in a musical corner. Shelves can be arranged to create cubbies that are like little personal libraries. A comfy chair in the right pot can even become a reading nook.

When you think about toys as a part of the decorative setting in a child’s bedroom, you can step back from the simple utility of fun, and start to create spaces that will fire their imaginations. Build worlds that they can dream in , design interactive spaces where everything is alive and something that can be played with, and sometimes, even learned from.

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