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Childrens Tent Loft Bed With Slide


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Childrens Tent Loft Bed With Slide


A fun and thrilling children’s loft bed with a slide that can help to inspire imagination, while also providing your kids with an exciting way to greet each day with a whoosh of speed and motion.

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These children’s beds feature a canvas tent facade that drapes over each side, creating a fully formed structure that can then be used in any of a million whimsical pursuits. Kids can pretend that their bed is a castle, a fortress, a ship at sea, or a craft flying high through the starry depths of space. This is complimented by the fun and thrilling side bed slide, that allows them to whoosh from height to floor in a manner of minutes.

These low loft beds with slide attached are a great choice for toddlers, as they are snug, secure, and distractingly fun. The minimal height of the sleeping surface is enough to create space under the frame for storage and play, however it is not as tall as a standard bunk, allowing them to ease into the idea of an elevated surface. At the same time the inspirational features of tent and slide, are a perfect distraction from any unease they might feel about transitioning from younger sleeping arrangements such as a crib.

The children’s bed with slide is also a great playroom accessory. The design allows this to essentially act as a giant interactive toy, a clubhouse that can be purposed to any of a million different creative adventures, which will naturally spring into the mind of your boy or girl. In fact, these children’s beds are such awe inspiring pieces that they are often given as gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

Our children’s loft beds with slide are crafted from real, solid pine wood materials, which are lacquered with a kid friendly finish, and then coated in a canvas cover. All components are durably secured using real metal on metal connectors, and edges are rounded to prevent unnecessary injuries.  These are rated to hold a twin sized mattress.

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