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Purple Kids Race Car Beds


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Purple Kids Race Car Beds


Zoom into adventure with these fun and functional purple kids race car beds. Twin size kids beds built to look like cool racing cars.

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If you want to inspire creativity and imagination in your children, then these purple kids race car beds are the perfect option for you. Painted to look like high speed racers, these beds will put your boy or girl directly into the adventure, prompting them to consider a thousand different adventurous scenarios. That can in turn encourage them to take an active interest in literature, art, or even mechanical operations at an elementary level.

These can also have an important psychological function. Many young children have trouble transitioning from a crib to their first bed. This can be a somewhat traumatic experience as their entire world changes, with walls of security suddenly vanishing, leaving them feeling vulnerable and exposed throughout the long dark night. Well banish those fears with a kids race car bed, that will instead let their imaginations dwell on the adventure of high speed races and chases around the world and beyond.

Another benefit of these purple kids race car beds is that they can make going to bed less of a dreary toil. Children often want to stay up later than they should, but these beds are so fun they’ll be asking if they can go to sleep early, just so they can have the fun of making engines noises as they drift off. It will also help the next morning, as the fantasy of speed and action will propel them into the day, giving them the energy to learn, craft, and play.

These kids race car beds are built from Phase 2 Carb compliant MDF  materials, painted purple with exciting race car features. They fit a twin size mattress, and are designed to be durable enough for even the rowdiest play.

Mattress Ready – MDF Construction
Assembled Dimensions: 81″ X 44″ X 15″

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Weight 92 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 42 × 15 in


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