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Winter Time Decoration Ideas

The winter is a time of cold and chill, that can bring the hardship of unpleasant weather knocking at your door. However you can use some basic decorating techniques to insulate your home against these icy forces, creating a comfy cove of cozy warmth that will protect your family through the depths of the winter season. At the same time this is a holiday season, which also gives you a wealth of decorating options that you can employ.

winter decorating ideas

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The first thing that you should do is directly work to combat the cold that will assail your home through the winter. This can be done by filling the space with warm items, blankets, pillows, and fuzzy rugs, that will affect both the look, and the tactile feel of the environment. These will also help to actually insulate the space, while providing your family with an innate sense of comfort that will offset the icy winds beyond your walls.

The holidays can also provide you with a wealth of winter time decoration ideas. Aside from the obvious, you can also dress up mundane furniture pieces with construction paper so they look like presents, or string Christmas lights across the ceiling and down the walls of a child’s bedroom. This can then transition into a more traditional winter time look after the holidays are over.

It gets dark earlier in the winter, making illumination especially important. If you have windows make sure they are uncovered throughout the day to draw in as much natural sunlight as possible, for both warmth and visual benefits. This can be increased through the clever use of mirrors in strategic places. At night there should be plenty of lamps and illumination sources in each room to make the environment feel warm and comfy.

winter time decorating

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When choosing colors, make use of warm tones such as reds, golds, ambers, and oranges. These can be spread through the space in wall art, decorative pieces, and coverings for furniture such as blankets and slipcovers. For the most part white should be avoided, though it can be employed in small, dramatic gestures and elements to make a matched look to the snowy environment outdoors.

One decorating idea for making a room feel cozier is to arrange furniture in small, intimate nooks. If you have a fire place then pull pieces in from around the room to center on that element. You can also create conversation coves by arranging seating pieces close in a circle, or carve a reading nook out of an unused corner of a room. This gives each space greater function, while also creating a sense of comfort throughout.

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