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Children’s Loft Beds With Slide

Do you remember when you were a kid and everything was an exhilarating adventure filled with magic and fun? These children’s loft beds with an attached slide make use of that unchained imagination, acting both as functional sleeping surfaces, and as interactive toys that can actually be played with. At the same time they can also help to stimulate a child’s creativity, giving them the tools to create their own stories and worlds.

These children’s loft beds feature a raised sleeping surface design that elevates the mattress, leaving room beneath for play and fun. This is enhanced by the attached, custom color slide on tent, that turns the under area into a magical world where anything is possible. Using just a little bit of creativity this space can become a secret clubhouse, a spaceship, a submarine diving to the depths of the ocean, or the hold of a great towering castle.

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White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide 750TW

Another use for the under tent area is as a second sleeping surface. While there isn’t a place for a bed built there, a sleeping bag can be rolled out when guests want to stay for the evening, giving them their own little room within your child’s room. It’s also possible to embed a second mattress or even a whole frame into that area for a more permanent solution.

These features are complemented by an attached slide, that makes for a fun descent from the top bunk down to the ground. That can help your children to start the morning off right, whooshing from their sleeping area in a flash of speed that will invigorate them with energy for the rest of the day. A sturdy ladder then aids their ascent back to their post each evening for bed.

Kids Loft Beds

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Built using solid MDF materials, and metal on metal connectors, these children’s loft beds are sturdy, durable, and reliable, even after years of use. The white paint slide and rail are designed to resist fading, and the entire structure is constructed with quality, precision, and care, to ensure that these are the safest pieces of children’s bedroom furniture available anywhere.

When you purchase these loft beds with slide attached, you get to choose the custom color of the tent that you will receive. It can be pink, red, blue, camo or polka dot, letting you match the piece to the decor of the space. Another decorative idea is to combine this product with our twin dollhouse loft beds, to create a shared children’s room that is filled with magic. At the same time each kid will have their own special space to call their own.

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