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Toddler Race Car Bed

KFS Stores is proud to introduce one of the most fun and fanciful pieces of children’s bedroom furniture in our collection, the red toddler race car bed. A unique expression of artistic creativity and playful design, this bed is built to look just like a real formula one racer, with sleek sloping sides, a fresh red coat, and painted on wheels to complete the look.

This is a great toddler bed because it can actually make bedtime fun, rather than being a burden. Every time your child hops into the race car bed they will be able to instantly imagine themselves shooting down the race track at a hundred miles an hour, swerving and zooming at top speeds to win the race and become the champion. Thoughts of such exuberant adventures will then follow them into their dreams, giving them a bevy of exciting images to dwell on as they drift and snooze.

These great twin beds can also be the centerpiece of an entire race car themed child’s bedroom design. Getting trailing carpeting that looks like asphalt can allow you to make a track. The walls can then be adorned with posters of famous drivers, and cars in races, while toy cars can be spread throughout the room for functionally playful decor.

The toddler race car bed is a strong, solid piece, that is made from MDF construction materials. These wood composites are sturdy and durable, making the frame of these bed extremely resilient. At the same time the surface of this specially manufactured composite is designed to both take, and hold a paint coat better, over the course of several years. This ensures that the race car bed will survive from the time they are a toddler until they are full grown, and will look great doing it.

This beautiful and playful race car bed is built to fit a twin sized mattress, and measures 80” long by 40” wide, with a 17.5” headboard and a 7.5” footboard. A great bed for toddlers, this piece of children’s bedroom furniture will also work in the rooms of older children, and even young teens. The classic race car look is a great way to inspire imagination in your kids, while also making bedtime preparations less of a daunting chore.

twin race car beds

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