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Fun Bunk Beds For Boys

Usually you buy bunk beds because you have two or more boys sharing a single bedroom, and you want to try and save floor space by making effective use of vertical height. However if you think beyond functionality, and use your imagination, bunk beds for boys can actually be a really fun feature in the room. It’s all a matter of how you and your children choose to perceive the piece of furniture.

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Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Honey Loft Bunk Beds – 2105

When you start shopping for fun bunk beds for boys, the first thing you have to understand is that the inherent design of the piece serves to separate the two children who are sharing the space. The boy who gets the upper bunk will have a towering view of the entire room, allowing him to perch high in the sky and gaze out across the environment. At the same time the child with the bottom bunk gets a secret little cave, a fortress that can be reinforced with fun pillow and blanket walls.

In some cases you’ll have an older and a younger child sharing a room. Then you may want to get a twin over full bunk bed for boys, that gives a smaller, more snug location at the top, which is great for younger kids, and a bigger full bunk beneath to accommodate a larger teenagers body. This also helps to further delineate the two bunk surfaces from one another in order to create a sense of ownership that each child can feel.

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Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Mission Bunk Beds – 2818

One fun bunk bed idea for boys is to turn the entire structure into a castle. The lower hold can be secured by draping blankets or sheets over the side of the bed, to create faux walls surrounding the piece, keeping out intruders. Then the top bunk can be secured with a wall of pillows or cushions, propped up against the protective bar to create a creeping crouch space for the boys to hide in. A tin can string telephone completes the effect with a way to send secret messages between the two areas.

While you always want to keep fun in mind, our bunk beds for boys are also available with a wide variety of storage configurations. These include embedded dressers and drawers, that can be built into the frame or the optional staircase of a bunk. Some of our models are also available with an under frame trundle pull out feature that creates a possible third sleeping surface. This allows you to get all of the fun and convenience of a bunk bed while also eliminating the need for extra furniture pieces.

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