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Short Bunk Beds for Small Rooms

short bunk beds

As young children grow, we often have to remodel their bedrooms. There are so many considerations, and among these are safety and space. If you need to have two kids in one room, bunk beds are a great choice. But, they’re still big and cumbersome and – let’s face it – children don’t need a full-length bed! So let’s talk about short bunk beds for small rooms!

Short bunk beds for small rooms

Shorter bunk beds are great for small rooms or just for saving space. They come with all of the benefits of a standard bunk bed but are much shorter and can fit in more confined spaces. In addition, being more compact means that children can enjoy the extra space in their room and have more space for books, toys and other furniture.

Short bunk beds are ideal for children up to the age of ten, and even beyond. So unless you have a six-foot ten-year-old, you won’t need to replace the bed any time soon!

small bunk beds

The pros and cons of a short bunk bed for a small room

There aren’t many negatives for choosing short bunk beds for small rooms so let’s compare all of the pros with the few cons.


  • Short bunk beds are fun without taking up too much space
  • They’re more compact than standard bunk beds
  • They come in various materials like wood, metal, and plastic


  • They might still be too big for a small room
  • Children can still fall from top bunks, don’t be tempted to use these with children who might not be ready to sleep in one.
  • They might not have enough length for children as they grow bigger

Short bunk beds and ladder types – which should you choose?

There are generally three different types of ladders on bunk beds. Deciding which type to get is important as it depends on your children. Let’s take a look at the three types of ladder:

1. Angled ladders are only attached at the top bunk. These make it easier to climb into bed and get back down. However, they do come away from the bunk at the bottom and take up more space.

2. Straight ladders are attached to the top of the bunk bed as well as the bottom. This is the best choice for saving space. These are great for younger and smaller children as they can’t be removed.

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3. Another option is a staircase. These are great for younger children as they don’t need ladder-climbing skills. They’re also really sturdy. However, these take up a lot of space and aren’t good for small rooms.

Because short bunk beds are designed to be space-saving, it’s more likely that they will come with a straight ladder. It’s very unlikely you will find a short bunk bed that has a staircase option.


In summary, deciding whether or not a short bunk bed is the best choice for your family is difficult. It can be a difficult decision because you tend to buy these for younger children but then you need to weigh up whether younger children are ready to sleep up high on a bunk bed.

Secondly, if your family is on the taller side, your children might outgrow a smaller bunk bed and you would then need to replace it before you’re ready.

Ultimately, you need to take into account all of the different factors of buying short bunk beds for small rooms. This includes the number of children, supervision, and space, for example.

Whichever short bunk bed you choose, we’re sure your children will love making it cozy and having their own individual space.

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