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Safe Twin Bunk Beds

Safe Bunk Beds For Kids

When it comes to your kids, safety is the top priority. You want to ensure that all of their furniture, and especially their beds, are built to be sturdy, reliable, and able to handle even the most rigorous play, while also taking measures to help keep them from hurting themselves. That is why you should check out KFS Stores great selection of childrens bunk beds, all of which are designed to be some of the safest furniture pieces on the market.

Bunk Beds For Kids

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Espresso Bunk Beds

The first thing that you should note is that our twin bunk beds are built using real, solid wood materials. These are natural elements, cut directly from trees and then pieced together perfectly for a meticulous design that is sturdy, safe, and stable. All components are also bonded together using metal on metal connectors to ensure that there is a firm hold that will not give way under the pressures of play.

We also have a number of other features built directly into our twin bunk beds which help to make them safe for children’s use. All corners have been rounded, so that there are not sharp, dangerous edges to worry about. The drawers in our storage pieces also operate on smooth, European gliders, with a stopper system that prevents them from falling out accidentally and knocking an unsuspecting noggin.

Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Merlot Mission Bunk Beds

All of our products are designed, and manufactured with an attention to quality and care that is unsurpassed. In fact the full and twin bunk beds that are available in our store are so safe, that they exceed the ASTM’s requirements for children’s furniture. That means that they will be able to handle the rambunctious energy of youth, while still cradling your children in a strong and steady protection that you can trust.

We also offer a number of great twin bunk beds with stairs. These are pieces that are even safer, because they allow your kids to ascend and descend from the top mattress using nice, broad, open steps, rather than a ladder. We even have novelty loft beds that are designed to look like a tent, and have a slide built in for a gentle, yet fun way to start each day.

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