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Kids Playroom Furniture

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PlayroomsFinding the best kids playroom furniture requires you to think about form, function, and long term reliability. At the same time the process should be fun, letting you hearken back to the whimsical days of your youth as you peruse the plethora of products that are available to you. It can even be a great shared experience with your child, as you work together to design the perfect space for fun, play, and games.

Often the furniture that you buy for a kids playroom is intended to store the toys, and various amusements that they will interact with in the space. There are a number of different options for this. Dressers tend to be lower and wider, giving you more access to the top surface, which can be used as a makeshift desk, or for display items such as lamps or books. In general chests will be taller and thinner, taking up less floor space while providing the same amount of organizational area.

One decision that you will have to make when designing a kids playroom is whether or not you will put a bed in this space. Even if your child has a separate bedroom, it is often useful to have another sleeping surface which can be used occasionally when they have friends over, or when you need a place for guests to stay. Bunk beds can double this functionality, giving you lots of room for whoever decides to visit.

Playroom StorageSome beds can also be storage furniture pieces in their own rights. Captains beds are a great example of this. They are pieces that are built with a variety of useful drawers embedded directly into the frame, making use of otherwise wasted under mattress space. Many of these products will also utilize the backboard as a bookshelf, giving your child even more places to keep and display their toys.

If you are particular about having an integrated look throughout your home you may consider a playroom to be a bit of a challenge. While many of the furniture pieces for these spaces are whimsical, with bright pastel colors and glaring designs, there are other options out there. Simple solid wood furnishings have a universal quality that can look great, while also standing the test of time even under the heavy use of children at play.

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