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Safe Beds For Kids – Optional Metal Support Beam

We have always taken pride in the durability and safety of all of the children’s beds that we offer. Our quality bedroom furniture is built using the finest materials, which are secured using real metal on metal connectors, and our kids bunk beds actually exceed all ASTM standards for safety. However we know that some children are more rambunctious than others, so we are now unveiling a new, optional metal support beam which can make your bed even stronger.

This new feature consists of a thick metal beam, which goes beneath the mattress support slat kit and attaches to the header and footer of the piece. This acts like a spine, reinforcing the entire structure of the bed while also helping to evenly distribute weight throughout the entire frame, making it safer and more resistant to breakage.

You know that some children just play harder than others. Full of energy and life, they can be more trying on the furniture in their bedrooms. This optional metal support beam makes our safe beds for kids even safer, by giving them the structural integrity to handle even the rowdiest of play. At the same time it helps improve the longevity of the beds so that they can endure safe and strong through an entire childhood.

This is also a good feature for adult bedroom pieces, and beds that will be used by teens, young adults, and people with just generally larger heavier bodies. If you are looking for bunk beds for a dorm then you may want to consider the structural support beam, as college kids can come in many shapes and sizes, and generally tend to be hard on their furniture.

You will find the metal bed support beam as an option on the product page for all of the beds that we sell. You can get a support beam for a single bed for $29.99, or you can have them installed in both bunks of a children’s safe bunk bed set for $39.99. The beam itself is the length of the bed, but due to a clever telescoping design it is able to collapse down for shipping, then be extended as strong as ever when assembled to the structure.

Stay tuned to the KFS Stores blog for more information about childrens beds, bedroom furniture safety, sales on bunk beds captains beds, and new options as they come available!

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