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Colors For Teenage Girl Rooms

Color can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of a room, changing both the feel of the space, and the effect it has on its inhabitants. When choosing colors for a teenage girls room, you want to understand both the subtle psychological effect that colors can have, as well as the emerging personality developing within the young woman who will inhabit the bedroom space.

You should always consult with the teenage girl herself when choosing colors for a personal space. As they grow, they will be starting to assert signs of independence, and will probably want to have a say in what their bedrooms look like. You can encourage this trait, while also helping to develop their artistic and creative talents by getting them involved in the entire bedroom decorating process.

Bunk Beds For Girls Some teenage girls will want to avoid the use of too much white in their bedroom, looking instead for more distinct color options that reflect their own personality. At the same time, white can be a great balancing color for deep contrasts. This can be done by using white loft beds and furniture pieces against a backdrop of more dramatic wall colors. You can then pair that with white trim to create a look that is sharp, without being overwhelming.

Different teenage girls will have different perspectives on what are often considered ‘feminine bedroom colors’ including hues such as pink, and a variety of pastels. At this age some will be looking to reject what they see as stereotypical, but others will be looking to indulge a more ‘girlie’ style, creating a soft atmosphere of gently blending pinks and blues or faded greens. The result is often a serene girl’s bedroom, with a natural feel of ease and comfort.

Girls Daybeds The use of real, natural materials in bedroom furnishings can also do a lot to add to the adult feel of a teenage girls bedroom. Pieces such as solid wood daybeds have an inherent sophistication, which is born from the complex and unique patterns found in the wooden materials they are built from. Available in a variety of stain colors, bedroom furnishings made from solid wood can often be as comfortable in an adult bedroom or guest room as in a teenager’s bedroom.

You have to start looking at some of the more underlying psychological effects of hue and tone, when you start dealing with more dramatic colors for teenage girls bedrooms. For instance red can be a great, invigorating element in a bedroom, that will actually help teenage girl’s who have trouble waking up in the morning, motivate for school. The drawback is that this energy can sometimes be volatile, and may actually contribute to anger issues in some girls if used in their bedrooms.

Softer colors such as blues and greens tend to have a more peaceful effect when used in a girl’s bedroom. While sharper versions of these hues can be more dramatic, in general their predominant symbolic effect on people is one of woods and sea, calm and serenity. This is great for helping your teenage girl get to sleep at night, but can be a problem if they have trouble getting up in the morning.

Finding the rights colors, and matching them with the right bedroom furniture pieces can be a challenge in a teenage girls bedroom. You have to talk to your child and try to enlist their help in the process. Then make sure that you understand how colors affect both the style, and the subtle psychological feel of a teenage girls bedroom.

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