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Princess Bunk Beds For Girls

With our delightful princess bunk beds for girls, you can add a sense of fun, whimsy, and imagination to your child’s room. Featuring a raised loft design that leads up to a twin bedding area, the entire structure of the piece is painted to look like a castle, dollhouse, or secret club, which can fire your little girls imagination. At the same time this space saving design allows for a second bed, or other furniture pieces to be slid underneath for optimal use of space.
Girls Princess BedsThese beds are functional pieces of bedroom sleeping decor, but they can also provide a girl’s room with a plethora of options and benefits. The raised surface design not only saves space, but it creates a towering outpost looking out over the environment. That can especially help to give a child a little personal space when rooms are being shared by two or more siblings. If it’s a single occupant, then these princess bunk beds can be paired with a handy under structure student’s desk for completing homework and craft projects.

Princess Beds For Girls

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

These versatile bunk beds are also giant, life sized toys, that make great birthday and holiday presents for children. The structure allows them to be used as a princess’s castle, a fun life sized doll house, a cabin in the woods, or a secret tea room for parties with plush friends. It can even act as a replacement to more dangerous outdoor tree houses. The built in window is a delightful portal that can be peered through, and the draping of a blanket can turn the lower under frame area into a cave, a dungeon, or a secret hideaway.

Princess Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

All of our children’s loft bunk beds are constructed using quality materials, including real MDF composite for structural durability, and a surface that will retain the painted on features for years to come. They are also secured with metal on metal connector joints, making them structurally safe against regular child’s play. All of these features allow our princess bunk beds for girls to exceed the ASTM’s standards for loft safety.

Even when your child outgrows these princess bunk beds for girls, they can still live on as play time accessories, secret clubhouses, and life sized toys to enhance the look of the area. At the same time the great space saving utility of their design allows you to place progressively larger beds underneath, saving floor room, while still giving your kids a great place to play, imagine, and grow.

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