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Decorating a Girls Room On a Budget

When decorating a young girls bedroom, you often have to consider budgetary restraints. While it might be tempting to throw a bunch of money at fancy furnishings and extravagant pieces, these will often be lost on a child, and won’t be appreciated nearly as much as personalized pieces that have meaning to them. At the same time, there are a number of money saving tricks that you can employ to create a great looking girls room, without having to break the bank.

Budget Girls Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs 0300

A bed is an essential piece when designing the look and function of a girl’s bedroom. One way to save money on decorative treatments is to choose a bed which can do double, or even triple duty. By purchasing pieces such as this girls’ dollhouse loft bed with stairs you get a furnishing that is stylistic and distinct, while also providing the essential sleeping space that defines the environment. This also has a further use, acting as a giant life sized toy which can become the centerpiece of a playful bedroom decorative theme.

If you have multiple children sharing the same bedroom then the purchase of a bunk bed can save you money, allowing you to buy a single bedding piece rather than two separate items. Loft beds have a similar function, with a raised design that makes optimal use of floor space, while also allowing a second furniture piece or bed to fit underneath. Some lofts are even designed with built in desks or storage options, giving you an all in one solution for a girls’ bedroom, without forcing you to make a lot of different purchases.

Girls Bunk Bed Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Merlot Loft Beds 2805

Another way to decorate a girl’s bedroom on a budget is to look for furniture bundles which are offered at discount prices. Often these will include a bed, as well as several furnishings that are matched in color, style, and design, allowing you to completely outfit a space with all of the storage and functional furniture that your child needs. At the same time these furniture sets are generally offered at discounted prices, costing less than purchasing each of the individual pieces would on their own.

Budget Decorating

Discovery World Furniture Merlot Full Captain Bed with Media Chest & Nightstand 2821-2871-2860

As far as decorative touches, it’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money on posters and art pieces. Instead, use your child’s prized possessions, dolls, and toys, displayed throughout the room in order to decorate the environment. This can be done with shelves, as well as pieces such as captains beds which are often constructed with special display nooks for storage and presentation. These personal and play items will be more meaningful to your little girl, while the process will make it natural to keep the space neat, tidy, and organized.

If you have to decorate a girl’s room on a budget, then it is important to work directly with the child to figure out what is important to her. Expensive pieces generally won’t mean much to kids when compared to fun features, meaningful mementos, and items that they choose themselves. However you also don’t want to skimp on quality just to save a few pennies now, as durable, solid furnishings will last much longer, and be stylishly relevant for many more years than shoddy bargain basement purchases that will quickly fall apart.

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