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Low Loft Bed With Storage

When you purchase a low loft bed, especially one with storage, you are looking for a functional and attractive utility for your child’s bedroom. The raised sleeping surface is great for creating room, giving you a nook beneath where you can place a desk, or storage items. However you remove the added height of a bunk, making the situation more comfortable for children with fear issues. Storage can then improve things even further, adding organizational features to the piece.

With a low loft bed your first concern is space. You need a raised sleeping surface in order to maximize the area within the environment. Underneath a desk, a dresser, a chest, or even a media cabinet can be placed, which won’t take up extra room because it is using the cubby you have created. That allows you to fully furnish a child’s bedroom without having to worry about how small it might be.

Choosing a low loft bed with storage goes even further. Then you can not only add extra floor space function to the room, but you can use the very area in between the walls of the piece for your organizational efforts. There, drawers, and even shelves can be embedded letting you keep books, games, toys, and clothes in neat and tidy roles ready to be found whenever they are ready.

Of course a low loft bed doesn’t give you the full room that one of our bunk beds or loft beds would, but it does provide a sense of peace for children who have problems with heights. This can be particularly comforting to younger kids, who might not be used to climbing steps to sleep each night. But with the reduced height, you get the functionality you need, without any of the consternation that can come from raised sleeping surfaces.

There is of course a magical hint to low loft beds that only children can see. With a raised sleeping surface they get their own tower in the clouds, which can look out across the world with an eye to anyone who proceeds into the room. The space beneath can also be fun, acting as a fortress, castle, or even secret room where they can create adventures that will entertain them for days. That gives these products a hint of whimsy in the face of their functional features.

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