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Creative Bunk Bed Ideas

Bunk beds are most often used in small children’s bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space. They allow you to fit two or more sleeping areas in the environment, while only taking up the area of a single piece. But that means that siblings have to learn to share, which can be a bit of a burden. However it is one that can teach them the value of respecting one another while also leading them to a more mature understanding of what it is to have personal boundaries. One of the best ways to complete that process is through the use of creative bunk bed ideas. That can take a trying experience and instead make it fun and exciting for everyone involved.

The first thing that you have to do is pick a good bunk bed. There are a number of different materials that are available, including both metal, and solid wood, as well as numerous colors that can be selected from. While you may not think that a small child will care about decor and decorative factors, the aesthetic quality of the space you are creating can have a subtle yet profound effect on their developing psychology.

You also need to choose the size of the bunk beds that you will use. In many cases you will be able to get standard twin over twin, or twin over full pieces, depending on the age of the children who will be using them. With smaller kids a more compact sleeping area will be comforting, while older siblings will prefer the room to stretch out and grow as they sprout in size from childhood to their teen years. You can also combine these elements with a smaller twin placed over a larger full, to accommodate the needs of individual personalities.

One of the best creative bunk bed ideas that you can employ is to view each vertical sleeping surface as a separate space, that can be personalized by the child using it. Existing at different heights, they allow the two kids to avoid one another visually, while also claiming their own level of the room. The top is like a towering crest that rises out over the space revealing everything in sight. By contrast the bottom is a hidden hidey hole of comforts that can allow for personal space and privacy.

There are many ways that you can allow the kids to personalize their own sleeping surfaces. Different sheets will let them choose their own themes and color schemes. Another creative bunk bed idea is to use a blanket, draped over the side, to create a kind of second room, within the environment, so that they each have their own personal and delineated areas. If shelves are built into the piece these can also be used to display personal items which will further distinguish the various spaces.

There are also a number of novelty bunk beds out there that can let you get really creative with the space. Things like the KFS Store doll house bunk bed, and the White Tent Bunk Bed with Slide are like giant toys, that can turn the entire environment into a play space. That makes the process of sharing the room easier, because their imaginations will take over and they’ll see themselves as toys, or characters, in a vision of adventure and excitement.

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