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Is Your Kids Bedroom Safe? 5 Ways to Make it Better

Bunk Beds

Safety is a parent’s number one concern, and anything you can do to make your kids bedroom safer is an important precautionary step to take. However it doesn’t always take a major renovation, and often there are simple things that you can do to help ensure that your children are protected whenever they are home.

Safe / Quality Bed

When purchasing a child’s bed it is important that you choose a piece that will be strong, sturdy, and able to last through even rambunctious play over the years. Make sure that you match the size of the bed to the age of the child, with toddlers getting special consideration and older teens getting more room to stretch. If you are purchasing a bunk bed then you should consider one of KFS Stores excellent products which are actually rated to exceed the ASTM’s standards.

Bunk Safety

Keep It In Reach

This is especially important for smaller kids. If they feel like they have to climb on things or erect elaborate piles of toys and furnishings to get at the things they want then you have a problem. Try installing lower shelving that will make books and other items more accessible. Bins can also be used and stored under the bed for easy access.

Hide The Wires

Electrical wires are dangerous for a number of different reasons and need to be carefully controlled in a child’s bedroom. Try to reduce the number of electronic devices that are used in these spaces, and instead encourage games and television screens to be enjoyed in public places like the living room. What wires remain can then be ushed behiden furniture legs, hidden under rugs, and coordinated so as not to be a tripping hazard.

Secure the Furniture

Look at everything in your child’s bedroom with a critical eye and evaluate whether it might possibly get knocked over. Kids like to climb on furniture, and often won’t have the foresight to avoid pulling it down on them. Any furniture pieces that are even slightly unsteady should be removed or attached securely to the floor.

Guard the Stairs

If your kids bedroom is on the top floor then you will probably want to have a gate in place to stop them from accidentally falling. Make sure this is an appropriate height so they can’t climb over it, and encourage them to be respectful of the danger of stairs, and not to run in any hallways even if the stairs are gated.

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