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Captains Beds With Storage Drawers For Boys

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Captains beds with storage drawers are great options for kids bedrooms because they have an inherent versatility that allows them to serve a number of different purposes. While they are comfortable places to rest, they are also designed with organizational pull out containers which are built right into the frame, letting them do double duty as a backup dresser or chest. They also have an inherent dignity and style that makes them the perfect accessories for guest bedrooms, dens, playrooms, and home offices.

Captains BedsOften children will be given the smallest bedrooms in the home, or they will have to share the space with a sibling. Captains beds allow you to optimize the area, removing superfluous storage items in order to create more places to play. They also make it easier to keep the room tidy, by ensuring that your kids always have plenty of space to put their toys.

The style versatility of captains beds means that they can grow with your children, lasting through ages and fads while aligning stalwartly with every phase they grow through. Wooden captain’s beds are especially good for this purpose, as they will take on a type of personality over the years, becoming more endearing by the personal wear of their one of a kind charm.

Captain Beds

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Captains beds also have an inherent story built directly into the name that can capture the imagination of young boys and girls. These were the space saving beds that were used by mariners of old, who had only tiny cabins and many different seafaring items that had to be kept organized. This adds a tale, an adventure to the bed, that can lift their dreams and inspire their minds, while also instilling them with a sense of wonder for the waves.

There are a number of great captains beds with storage for boys which you can purchase from KFS Stores, including items finished in lovely honey, glowing merlot, and premium espresso. Many of our kids beds not only have pull-out drawers but are also equipped with under frame trundles that can instantly double your sleeping spaces when friends want to stay for sleepovers.

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