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Indoor Cold Weather Activities for Kids

It’s winter, and the cold winds blowing in mean that the outdoors can be a less than ideal place for kids to play. That’s an even bigger problem in 2020, with many of the fun indoor activities that usually take place in winter being cancelled due to health concerns. That’s why you have to be creative, and find new ways to keep the children entertained while also making some memories along the way. 
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Hide and Go Seek

When looking for fun indoor activities for kids you can’t go wrong with the old classics. One of the best of these for cold winter days is Hide and Go Seek. This classic game will challenge your children to look at the indoors in a whole new way, with beds, closets, and tables all suddenly viable options for concealment.

The Floor is Lava

This is another classic game that’s been played by kids for as long as there has been furniture. In the Floor is Lava you are challenged to get around the house without ever touching the floor. This is accomplished by crawling on beds, tables, desks, and chairs. Many variations exist, sometimes only carpeted floor is lava, sometimes blankets can be used to bridge distances, and there’s even a boxed game you can buy.
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Make a Museum

Inspiring your children to be curious and creative is a wonderful thing. Both of those traits can be encouraged through them making their own indoor museum. They can set up their rooms with dinosaur toys, spaceships, trains, cars, or anything that they are interested in. Little cards can be written up describing the significance of each peace. The game can even expand to other rooms and themes if it is a success.

Start a Publishing Company

Encourage your kids to practice writing by helping them start their own publishing company. They can write stories, add illustrations, and even collaborate with siblings. These books can then be sold to family members for a few pennies, giving the child a sense of accomplishment while helping to connect them to  family around the world.

Build a Castle

Forts and castles are easier to make then you might think and they are tons of fun for kids. These buildings can be constructed using cardboard, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper, and tape. Another option is to simply run a clothes line and drape a sheet. Similarly a comforter can be placed over a table that’s hollow underneath.

Creativity is the key to keeping kids happy even when they’re stuck indoors due to cold weather. There are numerous games you can play, reviving old ones, and inventing new ones, while also encouraging their creativity and continuing to inspire them to learn and grow.

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