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Adult Size Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds For Adults

Bunk beds are an excellent option for children’s rooms. They are space saving furniture pieces that can help to maximize the utility of a room. However, there are a number of circumstances where adults could also benefit from the utility of a bunk bed. 

College Dorms

The most common place that you’ll find an adult bunk bed is in a college dorm or apartment. Students tend to not have much money, and so housing is often a shared situation, with two or more people inhabiting the same space. This is particularly true of dormitories where you will be assigned a roommate with little or no choice in the matter. 

Aside from the space saving benefits, bunk beds can also provide a certain amount of privacy. While it is not isolation, situating two people living in the same room on different vertical planes can create virtually separate spaces for each of them. 

Shared Studio Apartments 

Studio apartments, with their open layout, are perfect for adult bunk beds. Two or more roommates in a studio can feel cramped and oppressive. Bunk beds are an affordable way to free up space and increase the functionality of the room available. If you purchase a set that can be unstacked and used as two regular beds, then you have even more versatility moving forward. 
adult beds

Single Parents 

It’s tough being a single parent. Bills and responsibilities pile up, and finding a way to save money while also being comfortable is incredibly important. That’s where bunk beds come in. Even in a tiny space they can give you plenty of room for yourself, and however many children you have. At the same time they cost only a fraction of what multiple single beds would. There are even many toddler safe bunk beds


Adult bunk beds are a cost effective way to save space and maximize the utility of whatever room you have. While they are great for kids, they can also be very useful for students in dorms, studio apartments, and for single parents trying to find a place for both themselves and their children.

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