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Holiday Decorating For Kids Rooms

Holiday Decorating

Part of the fun of the holidays is decorating your home to add a sense of whimsy, magic, and fun to every aesthetic aspect of the environment. Generally these efforts are concentrated on social spaces such as living rooms, dens, hallways, and even the front door. However it is possible to go even deeper down the rabbit hole, bringing the fun of the season into your kids rooms with a variety of accessories and artistic touches, that can suffuse them in a world of winter wonders.

holiday decor The main component of any kids room is going to be the bed. That is usually the largest furniture piece in the space, and it tends to dominate the visual landscape that you are working with. The addition of something simple like fun festive sheets and covers can help to bring the magic of the holidays into the room. Alternatively you can choose snow white linens for their rest areas, in order to create the simulation of a frozen field of forts and fluffy fun.

The walls are of course a great place for holiday decorating in a kids room. Often your child will have pictures that they have drawn or brought from school, which can be pinned to cardboard displays or scotch taped throughout the space. If you want to get a little more elaborate you can cut out poster board images, glued dimensionally together, and use them to add decorative wonder to every inch of the area.

Race Car BedOne way that you can turn your decorative efforts into an immersive gift is to purchase a novelty bed that looks like a giant over sized toy that your child can sleep in every night. There are pieces out there that look like dollhouses, race cars, and even tents with slides. These can be incorporated into a look of living novelties, with figures posed, and accompanying art work helping to bring magical ministrations to life throughout the environment.

Holday DecoratingThe ceiling is another place where you can get creative with holiday kids room decorating. Snow flakes can be made from doilies pasted and dipped in sparkles, or set with bits of tinsel. These can then be tied to pieces of fishing line and hung from above to twinkle throughout the night. Combine that with glow in the dark stars, or even illuminated chalk to create a wonderland of luminous hues above their heads every evening.

If your kids room has bunk beds, then a blanket can be draped over the side of the lower setting to create a special holiday cave where secret parties can be held. They can even pretend that they are hiding in Santa’s workshop, or that they are huddled in an igloo, shivering safe from the ravages of the cold outside. The holiday possibilities are endless when you use your imagination.

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