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Boy Dorm Room Ideas

When setting up a boy’s dorm room you have to consider function above all else. These spaces are generally shared by two or more occupants, which means things can get pretty cramped, pretty quickly. At the same time college students are often new to the world of roommates, and can be inconsiderate, making every inch of space important for preventing fights, strife, and conflict.

Dorm Room Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Twin Honey Mission Staircase Bunk Beds – 2114

Bunk beds are a standard in dorm rooms, as they allow you to maximize the effective floor space by making use of dimensional room for additional sleeping. When choosing bunks for a boy’s dorm, you want to make sure that the style of the piece is sophisticated enough for a young adult. Furniture pieces made from solid wood, as well as chrome and silver metal materials are often able to fulfill this need.

The use of stackable bunk beds is a great way to give the students living there the option to arrange their dorm the way they want. These beds can be stacked one atop the other as bunk beds for more floor space. Or, they can optionally be taken apart and set as two standard sized bedding surfaces side by side. Young adults living on their own will appreciate the ability to make that decision for themselves.

Another good, boy dorm room idea is to purchase beds and bunk beds that have storage options built into their frame. Many loft beds for dorms have a variety of under frame dresser options, as well as bookcases and drawers that can be embedded in the sides and in stairs. By purchasing furniture that doubles storage with bedding you can maximize the use of the dorm room.

Dorm Rooms

Discovery World Furniture Twin All In One Espresso Loft Bed – 2903

In some cases a loft bed for a boys’ dorm room can be combined with an under frame desk that creates an all in one furniture solution for student spaces. These composite pieces are also great for loft apartments and studios, as they allow you to outfit the room with essential furnishings, without having to worry about piecing together a lot of disparate items.

KFS Stores offers a wide variety of boy’s dorm room beds and matched furnishings, including stackable loft beds, captains beds with storage built in, and matched furnishings. We also have numerous area rugs for sale to help complete the look of your dorm. For wholesale pricing on school and university bedding, or bulk purchase pricing contact us for more information.

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