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Toy Room Organization Ideas

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Keeping the toy room organized seems like an impossible task. You might spend the entire morning picking up Barbie shoes and Lego pieces from the floor and putting them back in the right containers, only to return a few minutes later to a room in complete disarray once again.

A lot of mothers have learned to just live with it and simply enjoy the mess as a part of their kids’ happy childhood, which is probably the best way to go about it if you don’t want to lose your sanity. However, no one can blame you for wanting to make an effort. After all, it really is not that impossible. Here, we will give you some great toy room organization ideas to help you tidy up the playroom. You might even have a lot of fun doing it and make Mary Poppins very proud indeed.

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Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Some may think that transparent storage boxes are counterproductive and make your space look even messier because everyone can see what’s inside the boxes anyway. But clear boxes actually make it easier for young children to keep their things properly sorted. Even from afar, they can quickly see which goes where, so it saves time in tidying up as well.

Colored Zip-lock Bags

These bags are perfect for keeping small items that should always go together, like jigsaw puzzle pieces or a collection of tiny toys like Shopkins or Grossery Gang, Zip-lock bags will not only keep these small things together but also keep them from getting lost among the bigger toys in the big chest. Label the bags with a name or a picture of what’s inside so it’s easy to find what your kid is looking for.

Hanging Baskets

If there are not enough surfaces in the toy room for storage boxes, why not use the walls? Hang some cute baskets where you can place stuffed toys and other larger toys that are not very heavy. You can also hang the baskets from the ceiling as long as you can make sure that they will be secure.

Shoe Organizers

These are another perfect storage space for those stuffed animals that fit perfectly in the pouches. It’s easy for a child to grab an animal they like and equally easy to put it back as well. While they’re all sitting inside their respective pouches, they also make for an interesting display in the playroom.

Fun Storage Furniture

Our kids furniture store has a number of very practical but aesthetically appealing furniture for a kid’s playroom. Many of these pieces can actually give you even more toy room organization ideas that are especially suited to the kinds of toys that your child has. If you choose your furniture and your storage solutions wisely, your kids may even be interested enough in tidying up their toys and maybe even grow into the habit of being very organized when they are adults.

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