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Tax Refund Furniture Sales!

If you have a big tax refund coming, then tax season is a time to shop, and is the perfect place to do it with a huge Tax Refund Furniture Sale going on right now!  For this sale we’ve slashed prices on a number of bedroom furniture, and kids’ furniture pieces, including bunk beds, captain beds, daybeds, as well as home furnishings, and matched bedroom furniture accessories.

Many people choose to spend their tax refund windfall on the greatest investment of all, their children, and we help you do that with our big tax refund furniture sale, while still saving you money. By slashing prices on many of our most popular children’s bedroom furniture products, we’ve made it easy to adorn your boys’ or girls’ bedroom with a variety of durable, stylish, and safe pieces.

twin bunk beds with stairs If you are looking for a reliable bunk bed on sale, for your child’s bedroom, or for a dorm apartment, then the tax refund furniture sale gives you a variety of options. While the reduction of our already reasonable low prices does help your bank account, it doesn’t mean that the quality on each of these beds is not top notch. Every bunk bed you purchase from is a real, Discovery World Furniture crafted piece with metal on metal connectors that is built to exceed all safety standards set forth by the ASTM.

Espresso Beds With StorageOur tax refund furniture sale includes a variety of beds that are designed with great space saving storage options. Our captain beds, many of which are included in the tax refund furniture sale, are made with drawers built directly into the frame of the bed. This turns what would otherwise be wasted space into a great under bed storage area. In some cases you also have the option to choose a captain bed with a trundle instead of storage, or both.

On sale for a limited time our dollhouse beds for girl’s bedrooms are a great way to turn an ordinary child’s bedroom into a magical world. One of the girls can sleep in the playful confines of the house itself, while the other rests atop the roof, looking out with a bird’s eye view over the world. At the same time these girls’ bunk beds are built using MDF construction so that they are both durable, and able to maintain the vibrant colors of the toxin free paint longer.

You have to hurry, all of our tax refund furniture sales items are only available at these low prices for a limited time!

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