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Study Loft Bed

Study Loft Beds

Study Loft BedIf you are looking for a bedroom furniture piece for your young student that is versatile, dynamic, and functional then you should consider one of KFS Store’s incredibly designed study loft beds. These are pieces that are built using 3D thinking, which elevates a sleeping surface into empty air to create room beneath for another bed, desk, storage, or play area. That optimizes the space you have, allowing you to fit every feature your child needs into the environment.

Our basic study loft beds are built with two sleeping surfaces, one above and one below. This allows siblings to share a room without taking up all of the floor space. It also gives each kid their own separate area, divided by height and dimension, in which they can build their own identity and contemplate the world as they grow and develop. Bunk beds can even be fun features, with imagination turning the top into a tower and the bottom into a hidden cave.

We also have pieces that feature only a single sleeping surface, elevated into the air. This leaves the space below free for any use you desire. With a study loft bed setup you usually will want to have some sort of a desk in place, with a chair, where your child can sit and do work, art, crafts, and play. The desk itself can also be a living toy, which turns into a secret space with no more than a blanket slipped over its sides.

Lofts If you’re looking to outfit a whole students room with the functional furniture he or she will need to succeed in school then look no further! KFS Stores has a great selection of dressers, desks, mirrors, chests, and storage devices, all built in matching solid wood stained colors to create a seamlessly integrated look. You can even get many of these items in discounted bundles for greater savings.

In addition to our no-nonsense functional study pieces, we also have whimsical loft beds that are designed to inspire the imagination to rise to new and ever greater heights. Of these, our most popular are probably the Dollhouse Bunk Beds, which are made from quality solid wood materials, which are painted to take on the look of a giant, life sized toy. There is no better way to invigorate your child’s creativity than to give them a huge prop that they can live and play with.

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