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Repurposing Furniture Ideas

Repurposing Furniture

You may think of kids furniture as a short term investment that your children will eventually outgrow. However if you use a little creativity, you can find a number of great ways to repurpose these products so that they can have a second life in your home. That allows you to get more for your money, while also participating in a planet saving form of recycling.

Repurposing Bokshelves

Discovery World Furniture Honey Bookshelf

The most common way to repurpose kids furniture is to give it to someone who needs it. Many parents save these pieces so that when their children grow up and have babies of their own, they can pass down the memories and save the young couple some money in the process. They can also be gifted to friends who might have need of them, or be donated to a charity organization that helps the poor and needy.

If you’re a little crafty, then you’ll have even more options for repurposing old furniture items. One idea is to use a dresser to create a giant toy for older kids. Something as simple as a little bit of painting can transform this item from a storage structure into an enchanted castle, a hidden lair, or a palace that is rising to the sky. The drawers can also be removed and replaced with sheet wood slats to create walls, floors, and doors.

Some furniture pieces are already painted and designed to look like toys, such as the dollhouse bunk bed pictured here. When your child gets too old to sleep in this product, you can simply repurpose it as a nearly life sized toy that they can interact with. The under area can even be covered in blankets to create a secret hideaway.

Repurposing Kids Furniture

Discovery World Furniture Twin Doll House Loft Beds with Stairs

Some kids furniture pieces can be redesigned to fit other environments in the home. A short set of shelves can be outfitted with wheels and fresh paint to create a handy, functional, kitchen island. Additional hooks and pegs can then be screwed on to its exterior to allow for objects such as spoons and ladles to hang at the ready.

Just because your kids have grown doesn’t mean that you have to throw all of their old furniture out. The application of vision and creativity will allow you to find new purpose for all of these pieces, in order to cut down on waste, save your cash, and create a unique style that matches your personality.

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