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Novelty Bunk Beds For Boys

Kids Tent Loft Beds

Bunk beds are a great and practical way to make optimal use of space, especially in a boys bedroom. However these pieces can be even more than that. When you open yourself up to the world of novelty bunk beds you will find that furnishings can actually be giant toys, that can delight your kids and make them excited about bed time each night.

Dollhouse Beds
At KFS Stores you can find a variety of fun novelty bunk beds for boys and girls rooms. One of our most popular is the dollhouse loft, which features a raised sleeping surface design, and MDF wood composite materials which are painted to replicate the look of a giant house that your kids can sleep in. At the same time the area underneath can be used for a second sleeping surface, a desk, storage, play, or anything that you can think of.

One of the great things about bunk beds and loft beds is that they naturally lend themselves to a sense of novelty. Even if you purchase one of our standard solid wood pieces, you can dress it up with stickers, pictures, or posters lining the walls and beams. You can also drape a blanket from the top to create a cozy enclosed space that can be used as a fort or castle, while the upper sleeping area can be dressed with pillows to make it like a soaring watch tower.

Tent Loft Beds
Another great novelty bunk bed that we have which is very popular with boys is our tent loft with attached slides. These make use of the raised sleeping surface by enclosing the area below in a canvas coat that instantly transforms the area into a place for imagination and play. Meanwhile the slide affixed to the structure provides a safe and exciting way for your kids to slip down into the world and into their day.

In addition to our bunk beds we also have a variety of novelty twin and captains beds that can be purchased. Our race car beds are painted to looking like zipping speedsters ready to shoot down the road. We also have low loft beds that allow you to get the convenience of a raised sleeping surface without putting your child too far into the air.

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