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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from KFS Stores!

KFS Stores wishes you and your families a very merry holiday!  After everyone’s finished opening gifts, look around.  Something is amiss.  Did Santa forget something?  No, he made his list and checked it twice.  Think about it.  All of these wonderful new presents are here now, but where should you store them?  Where do the new toys go?  Where do you have space for all of exciting things?  Christmas Food for Thought: maybe you should be rethinking your children’s bedroom furniture and storage arrangement to discover space you never knew you had.  Any traditional child’s twin bed or full bed sits on the floor space and only allows you to slide boxes uncomfortably under just a small portion of the edges of the bed.  Even traditional bunk beds erase the floor space underneath of the bottom bunk and force you to use dressers upon dressers and messy toy chests to barely keep the room livable.

White Staircase bunk Bed

White Bunk Bed with Stairs

Discovery World Furniture loft and Bunk Beds give you back all of that lost space!  Drawers, shelves, trundles, magazine racks, and staircases help you rediscover the opportunities that can naturally exist in a kid’s bedroom.  Take for example the White Bunk Bed with Stairs.  The staircase provides a built-in shelving area and the 3-drawer under bed storage can be substituted instead of the trundle.  In just one piece of furniture, toys, clothes, games, and every other item that would normally get shoved in a closet or stuffed in a chest is neatly stored and easily accessible.  As valuable as gifts and family/friend time is for the holidays, peace of mind and keeping post-holiday stress to a minimum is equally important.  Let KFS help you celebrate the Holiday and Enjoy the Post-Holiday as well.  Check out our Bunk Beds with Stairs and Loft Beds as well as our Full over Full Bunks that covert into Loft Bunks with free space underneath!  KFS Stores is your first stop for space-saving, affordable, classy kids’ furniture during the Holidays and everyday with our low prices and high quality guarantee.

So no matter what you celebrate today, with whom you are celebrating, or where you go, may it be a joyous occasion and may you feel the warmth of the holiday spirit.  And Thank you for your business with KFS Stores.

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