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Living Room Furniture Trends 2021

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Interior styles run in cycles of fad to flop, with old trends being born to renewed interest in subsequent ages. The times we live in also have an effect on this, creating situations that lend themselves to different decor choices. With 2021 furniture trends we see this in full effect, with retro looks dominating many interiors, at the same time as the realities of quarantine have made many of us opt for comfort over form.

Opening Up

The reality of being forced to stay mostly indoors and isolated for so many months have made many people feel claustrophobic in their own homes. To offset this, people are opting for furniture floor plans that are more spaced out, giving a space to breathe. Bedroom and living room furnishings are getting sparser, allowing the empty or negative space to act as a greater focus on the room. This also creates more open layouts for crowded situations.

Bright Colors

When things are dark what do you do? You go bright! A major furniture trend in 2021 is to choose pieces that feature lighter, more airy colors. Pastels are in, and many people are creating funky interiors in their public living spaces. Shabby chic is another trend that’s back, with white, airy colored pieces and distressed paint furnishings seeing a resurgence in popularity.

white colored bed

Softer materials

There is also a popular trend towards furniture that is softer. People are seeking out comfort in any form they can, and with comfy furnishings they can find it in an immersive and tactile way. This includes a move towards thicker carpets, with shag coming back into style, as well as plusher cushions, softer beds, and bigger sofas.

Greater Utility

Being indoors, often in crowded situations, gets people to start thinking about the function of their furniture. Everything that takes up floor space has to be able to justify its presence, sometimes in multiple ways. This has led to people seeking out, and designers supplying, more furnishings that are designed to be multi-functional, space saving, and cleverly built.

This includes things like beds with storage options such as drawers or shelves built into the frame. Shelving is going higher, and is being built to handle both sitting and hanging items. Closets are being optimized with organizing dividers. Even tables are being made with chests and cubbies built into the base.

Twin bunk bed sets

Last year was traumatic for many people and so furniture trends are moving towards comfort and utility. People are opting for brighter colors, softer materials, and multi functional furnishing that can save space and help them keep organized. This has led to decorative trends like shag carpeting, and shabby chic materials have come back, along with many other nostalgic trends returning. This will evolve as the world evolves, and of course these trends will cycle back again.

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