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Kids Low Loft Beds

While raised surface bunk beds can be great space saving pieces in a child’s bedroom, some people have concerns about letting their kids sleep in such a seemingly precarious position. Those worries can be offset through the use of low loft beds, which still feature an efficient elevated design, without rising to the full height of a standard bunk. That allows you to transition a younger child into the piece without forcing them to ascend to the towering top of the room right away.

tent_bed_with_blue_tent_750tw__bt.283141215_largeKids low loft beds are most often used in spaces where small children will be sleeping. The design creates an efficient pocket underneath the bed which is large enough for play or storage, but does not have the room for a full second mattress. The lower height means that there is less risk of injury from a fall, giving parents peace of mind. It can also help a child to slowly overcome a fear of heights, as they work their ways towards taller designs.

The space underneath a low loft bed is somewhat limited, and as such it will most often be used for storage. A chest of drawers, or a short dresser can help to create organizational function in the room without taking up valuable floor space. Another common option is to use that space for scholastic items, such as a desk, or a shelf of books. That creates an all in one solution for young students eager to learn.

For a more whimsical effect, the space under a kids low loft bed can be purposed for play time activities. Something as simple as draping a blanket over the side of the piece can create a hidden cave, club house, or secret base which can be the starting point for a variety of exciting adventures. This area can also be used to simulate the look of an underwater submarine, or a shuttle flying through the depths of space. Reinforce these effects with decorative touches like themed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets.

The use of kids low loft beds can be an excellent way to transition a young child from a regular sleeping space to a more room efficient elevated design, without overwhelming them with a full height piece. These furnishings give you a number of storage, work, and play possibilities, depending on the utility that you want to achieve in the area. At the same time they can also be a great way to inspire creativity in kids, as the structure lends itself to the formation of clubhouses, secret hiding spots and fortified castles, all built on a foundation of solid imagination.

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