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Kids Furniture That Stimulates Your Kids Imagination

Kids bedroom furniture offers the unique opportunity to blend functionality, durability, and imagination in your kids bedroom. Kids beds are designed not only to stand the up to the strains of a kids bedroom but also provide a safe sleeping surface that stimulates your child’s imagination.  Each of the following beds provides a great platform from which your kids sleeping and storage needs will be met with a design that will spark your child’s creativity and imagination.

A Captains Bed with storage drawers was designed after the beds found on ships that optimized space by combining sleeping space with storage.  These types of beds will provide your little sailor with all their possible storage needs and the Captains Bed’s name alone is enough to set your child’s imagination running wild.  Within no time, your kid’s bedroom will be transformed into the high seas and his bed into a mighty pirate ship.


Twin Captain Day bed

merlot Captain day bed with storage

The Dollhouse loft bed with stairs transforms your daughter’s bedroom into her very own world of magic and fairy tales. The open space below the loft bed is the perfect location for tea parties or magical adventures.  The built in staircase ladder provides safe passage for your princess as she climbs to the top loft and looks out over her magical kingdom through her very own dollhouse window before dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.

dollhouse bunk bed with stairs

dollhouse bunk bed with stairs and bed underneath

Bunk beds are a great furniture option for combining functionality and stimulating your child’s imagination. Bunk beds are the perfect solution for bedrooms of multiple kids and can be easily transformed into a cave or fort with the simple addition of a draped sheet.   Once they are busy searching for lost treasure or defending a castle from invaders in their fort, you won’t need to hear them say the words to know just how much they love their new Bunk Bed.

White Staircase bunk Bed

White Bunk Bed with Stairs


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