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Kids Bedroom Sets For Boys

Purchasing kids bedroom sets is a great way to completely outfit a child’s environment, while saving both time and money. When choosing furniture for a boy’s room you need to find pieces that will be able to withstand the rigorous rate of their play, while also lending a sense of inspiration and excitement to the area. Here at KFS Stores we have a variety of bedroom sets that are specifically designed to be durable, reliable, and perfect for a number of different spaces inhabited by boys of nearly any age.

In the featured image above you see the twin over twin honey stained mission staircase bunk bed set. This is one of the most efficient options you can choose, as it doubles the sleeping area available while only taking up half of the space. The collection comes with a desk, hutch, chair, and bookcase, all lacquered with the same golden honey color to create an integrated look. The bed is also equipped with several handy storage drawers built directly into the frame for extra functionality.

Another great kids bedroom set for boys that we offer is this twin over desk honey convertible bunk bed, which comes bundled with a chair, bookcase, double dresser, and mirror. This is a great option for a child with limited space, where it is difficult to fit all of the necessary furniture without taking up the entire room. The raised loft design allows the area below to be used for study and crafts, while the matched accessories give you everything you need to design a fully functional environment.

All of the boys bedroom sets that we offer are manufactured to be extremely durable and resistant to the ravages of age and use. We employ solid wood materials, which are coated in a protective lacquer to enhance the natural grain of the surface while protecting it from dents and scratches. Our pieces are also built using metal on metal connectors to ensure that the forms and lines are all solid and secure. When it comes to our bunk and loft beds they are so strong that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards for safety and reliability.

Our captains bed furniture sets combine style and sophistication with a versatile array of storage functions. The centerpiece itself is manufactured with several drawers built directly into the frame. This is then paired with a desk, hutch, chair, and 5 drawer chest to provide all of the organizational options that a young boy could possibly need. These pieces are also matched in color to create a sense of integrated design that will give the room a finished feel.


The all in one twin espresso loft bed is a unique kids bedroom furniture set for boys, because it has all of the features needed for a functional room built into a single versatile piece. The raised sleeping surface creates a sense of elevated majesty, while also providing space below for a handy desk equipped with drawers and storage for study, crafting, and play. There is even an optional pull out trundle which can be embedded into the base of the product to provide a second sleeping area when guests decide to spend the night.

Our kids bedroom furniture sets are an affordable option for parents looking to decorate a bedroom where space is limited. Many of the product sets we sell are integrated, with clever storage features built directly into wasted frame space. They are also provided at a bundle discount, and are built using matched lacquer colors, which makes it easy to get the design right without having to worry about hue, tone, and contrasting looks.

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