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How To Organize a Boy’s Room

When you set out to organize a boy’s room you want to try and create a space that is both simple, and subtle. One the one hand you want to ensure that the environment is laid out in a straight forward enough manner that your child will be able to clearly grasp the functions of the different areas and features. However you also want to try and create a room that makes your own life easier, by naturally guiding your kids towards good habits like cleanliness and organization.

Boy’s Room Furniture With Drawers

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You should start planning the layout of a boy’s bedroom by choosing the type and position of large furniture pieces. This will include the bed, as well as any storage furnishings such as dressers, chests, and cabinets. If you are working with a small area then choosing boy’s beds with storage drawers built into the frame can help you to maximize the efficiency of the environment by making use of wasted space. If you have multiple children sharing a room then bunk beds are another good option.

Creating Spaces

Once you have the frame of the bedroom set with the large furniture pieces in place, it is time to start organizing the livable area. Often you will want to break the room up, delineating separate spaces for various functions. Placing a desk and chair against a wall can create a serious study station for school work and crafts. At the same time leaving an open space, surrounded by shelves or chests of toys and games can make for a wonderful play area.

While organizing a boy’s room, you should try and design the space so that it naturally stays clean. This can be done by clearly defining storage bins, and options, for every possession your child owns. You want to use broad categories. If you divide toys up into too many types then it will be difficult for the child to keep everything straight in their mind, which can lead to them just giving up on keeping tidy altogether. With children, organization requires succinct simplicity.

Storage Bunk Bed With Drawers

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Another way to design tidiness into a boy’s room is to make the process of staying organized a game. Large colorful baskets or bins can act as basketball hoops, with cleaning up being nothing more than a practice in who can score the most points. For more delicate objects you can turn the tidying process into a speed game, to see who can collect the most points for putting away the most pieces.

As you go about the process of organizing a boy’s room you should also consult with your child, and get their feedback on where things should go, and how things should be arranged. This will make them feel more invested in the space, which means that they’ll be more likely to want to maintain it. At the same time it will help to teach them responsibility, creativity, and the basic elements of design.

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