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Buy FurnitureShopping for furniture can be a difficult experience. You have to decide on an item that will be used and interacted with by your family for what may be years to come. The internet has removed some of the immediacy of this decision by allowing you to peruse various products from the comfort of your home, assessing your needs and wants at your leisure and then ordering with a click.

At KFS Stores we strive to make furniture shopping online an easy and even fun experience. Our product pages all have big, beautiful pictures that you can look at, showing you exactly what you are going to get. We also reinforce this by meticulously listing the details of each item in text. That allows you to make the best decision possible when searching for kids bedroom furniture pieces.

The furniture that you find at KFS Stores is all highly durable, manufactured from solid wood with a quality lacquer finish to protect the surface and enhance the material. The pieces are connected using real metal parts, and the corners are rounded to prevent unnecessary injury. Our bunk beds are so safe that they actually exceed the ASTM’s standards.

Novelty BedsAnother advantage of shopping for furniture online at KFS Stores is that our products are produced in sets of matched finish hues. That means that you can buy a daybed, and easily purchase a matching dresser, desk, chest, or armoire that has been finished with the same lacquer finish. The colors available include honey, merlot, and the premium dark espresso. Many of these items are also bundled in group purchases at an overall discount.

In addition to our natural wood products, we also have a variety of novelty beds online that you can purchase. Our dollhouse loft bed is painted to look like a giant living home for toys, while our race car beds and toddler beds are built to keep your kips zipping through their dreams at top speed. We also have great slide and tent bunk beds with secret forts below and a fun slide to use when exiting the sleeping area each morning.

When furniture shopping online it is important to go to a name you trust, that is why you should choose KFS Stores. We work with the finest manufacturers and offer only the highest quality beds at low and discount prices. Check out our ongoing and rotating sales and find out how easy it can be to purchase home furnishing with just the click of a button.

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