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Fresh Furniture Fixes

Fixing Wooden Furniture

A piece of furniture is not a static object. It starts with a certain look and feel, but over time that will change, due to the toils of use, the wear of weather, and the undeniable effects of age. This can lead to a degradation of appearance that may turn a once beloved piece, into an eyesore that you’re looking to get rid of. Luckily there are a number of clever fixes that you can employ to restore the look of your wood furnishings, fixing the features that blemish their surface while giving them a revitalized energy that will let them live a second, or even third life in your home.

Note: Make sure to try all of these furniture fixes out on a small out of the way piece of the product first. Every type of wood is different, and it is important to know what the final effect will be before you fully commit.

Wood Beds

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While wood is a solid, hard surface material, it can be subject to damage over time. The most common issue will be tiny scratches that can occur in the paint or finish from scraping utensils, cups, dishes, or even nails, and jewelry pieces, that accidentally slip across the surface causing grooves of varying size and depth. Repairing such blemishes requires the use of a mixture of ¾’s of a cup of oil with ¼ of a cup of vinegar, applied with a cloth rag. Spread it on, and rub it into the affected area, and then let it sit as it soaks in, filling the offensive gaps with a clear and seamless substance.

If the damage to the wood is more severe, a wood filler putty can be used to remove dimensional dents in the surface of a furniture piece. This should be spread on sparingly, and blended into surrounding grains, as the finished color may not completely match the look of the surrounding wood. Stain the area, or the entire piece if necessary, in order to complete a finished color look.

Even larger blemishes, such as holes, chips, and breaks, can best be repaired using spare pieces of wood. Toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and spare splinters can all be glued into place, then sanded smooth, giving you a matched material that can then be stained, or lacquered as desired.


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For revitalization of wooden surface treatments, vinegar can yet again be a useful ally. This all natural material can help to deepen, darken, and restore the original look of the wood by rehydrating it and bringing out the inherent colors in the material. Use balsamic for a darker brown effect, and apple cider for a more glowing golden hue.

Another natural option for restoring the luster of your wooden furniture is coconut oil. Applied with a rag, it will generally darken the surface of the furniture piece in use, which can help to make it look more like it did when it was brand new. Add a drop of essential oil to offset any unpleasant scents that may arise from these treatments.

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