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Educational Kids Bedroom Themes

A theme is a great way to focus your decorative efforts when putting together a kids’ room. Choosing the right theme can immerse your child in a world of information and discovery. The secret is finding fun, and engaging ways to interest them in what are basically educational topics. This can be done through the use of props, images, and even interactive elements throughout the bedroom.

Common educational kid’s bedroom themes will include things like space exploration, the wonders of the jungle, the magic of underwater worlds, or the creatures of the forest. These are all science based topics, that also have interesting and fun facades that can draw children in, and inspire them to pursue more information. If they are living in a faux jungle, then they might want to know more about the animals and the environment, so that they can better imagine the play world they are in.

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The practical application of designing an educational theme into a kid’s bedroom is a matter of creative thinking. The walls are your main canvas, and can be decorated with images of characters and creatures, or broader, environmental landscape scenes. You can do this directly on the walls, or you can use cardboard, construction paper and other coverings to make less permanent changes.

You should also incorporate the children’s bedroom furniture that is in the space into the theme you are designing. The bed can be a jungle canopy, an underwater submarine, or a spaceship flying through the air. Dressers can be used to prop up figures, or as makeshift mountains, castles, and peaks when properly covered in paper and crayon. The idea is to create a theme that is immersive, so that the child can lose themselves in the make believe world.

Whenever implementing a kid’s bedroom theme you always want to make sure to get feedback from the child themself. By involving them in the process of arranging and decorating the environment, you will instill them with a sense of responsibility and ownership, while also engaging them actively in the topic chosen. This will also help to ensure that any theme you choose is actually inspiring to the child who will be using the space.

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