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Dinosaur Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Kids love dinosaurs, and why wouldn’t they? Real life monsters from the ancient past. Better yet, these are biological beings that can be an excellent introduction for a child to the world of science and learning. That’s why encouraging their interest with a dinosaur themed bedroom decorating plan can be a great way to encourage positive habits while also adding some fun and whimsy into their rooms.

When looking at dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas your easiest solution will be to purchase posters with these awesome creatures on them. These can include scientific facts, while also showing the magnificence of these beings in their full splendor. This can be supported by encouraging your child to make their own dinosaur artwork which can be taped on the walls to compliment their professionally made brethren.

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A way to go one step further with your dinosaur decorating is to get stickers and or decals that can adorn furniture surfaces. Dress up a dresser with a roaring tyrannosaurus, or add some whimsy to a night stand with a stegosaurus. The advantage of smaller prints is that they can be placed on items rather than walls to give the room an immersive dimensional effect.

If you want to get dimensional, then there are tons of decorative dinosaur figurines and models that can be purchased. Simple toys can be found anywhere, but if you want to instill a sense of art, craft, and science in them then an archaeological model set might be the best option. Using them the kid can create an entire Smithsonian museum right in their own bedroom.
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Taking a learning based approach to dinosaur decorating is the best method. You can start the process with research on dinosaurs, and reading, before you even begin to think about design. That frames the process as a scholastic one, and encourages the child to dig even deeper into the world of learning. As what they read becomes real around them they will gain a deeper understanding of how knowledge shapes the real world.

This can be reinforced by including tons of dinosaur books in the room. Everything that you use to research with them will become a treasured heirloom memory, and moving forward you can continue to fuel their curiosity for science. Eventually an entire bookcase full of books of inquiry should be a major fixture in the décor of the room. 

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